shelby burch


A little bit of information about graphic designer, Shelby Burch

Hello There.

I'm Shelby Burch, a professional graphic designer, turned work at home #momboss and a recent transplant to North Carolina. Having lived and traveled all over the world, I've been able to experience a great array of cultural art and experience how visual design fits into every day lives.

My creative style is generally feminine and clean with a handmade vibe. I employ watercolor whenever warranted. I love color and the unexpected so, I try to deliver on both whenever I design. 

I hold a bachelor's degree in graphic design with a minor in fine art from Palm Beach Atlantic University. For the last 10+ years I've been working in the corporate world as a senior designer at Achieve Agency with experience in brand marketing and primarily web design.

My newest adventure is freelance and contract work focusing on creating customized graphics that spark fun and tell a story. Take a minute to contact me and let's start making your ideas come to life!